Human Asset (New Zealand) Limited



Human Asset (New Zealand) Limited


        Human Asset (New Zealand) Limited (hereby call HANZ) has a few licensed immigration consultants who with more than 10 years of experience in New Zealand.

The human resource management team includes several professional employment dispute resolution senior staff. HANZ know New Zealand, provides a full range of one-stop services for staff recruitment; Management; Scheduling; Dismissing employees; and Dispute resolution for a large, medium and small firms.

Service scope and advantages:

1 Headhunting: fast global search to meet the needs of New Zealand local companies of all types of people.

It publishes recruitment information timely and has a database of 300,000 people who are working and living in New Zealand. It helps New Zealand firms interview and finds qualified employee.

2 Company certification, visa processing, job check, contract drafting, advertising release,

To be completed by the immigration consultant in collaboration with the Human Resource and Employment Consultant.

3 Undertake the local firms offshore employees to settle down and provide fundamental New Zealand local cultural and working rules training.

4 To provide a full service for employees with a job transfer, adjustment, dismissal, and job transfer.

5 HANZs senior HR and Employment consultant provides comprehensive HR management services, to help you prepare, and draft the employment contract, and handle employment disputes in time. To get rid of someone by legal means unqualified employee.

6 Provide advice for human resources effective allocation, management rules and regulations.

7. Local and overseas market promotion as well as self-media platform establishment for HANZs business partners, and frequency publicity advertising shooting service.

A few licensed immigration consultants
Rich overseas experience
Professional personality service

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